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Meet our featured development partners

EQA Manager is being built based on the feedback of pioneering laboratories and EQA providers.

  • Synlab Europe’s largest laboratory service provider, operating in more than 40 countries.

    Test results per annum: Appx. 500 million

  • Labor Mönchengladbach MVZ Dr. Stein + Kollegen GbR One of the largest, most modern medical laboratories in Germany and a part of Limbach Group.

    Test results per annum: Appx. 20 million

The easiest way to manage your EQA

Today’s lab scientists struggle to have an overview of EQA round status and results. With a large number of rounds to manage, it’s impossible to stay on top of your performance.
Our coming EQA Manager software service frees you from all those hustles. It provides a high-level overview of all the EQA rounds your laboratory has and enables you to keep an eagle eye on each round.
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Working with EQA Manager

Meet our featured development partners

EQA Manager is being built based on the feedback of pioneering laboratories and EQA providers.

Traditional workflows for running EQA rounds are broken.

For years, managing EQA has meant wasting much effort on manual work, dealing with messy spreadsheets, and crossing your fingers that your laboratory would obtain a satisfactory performance in all the EQA rounds. This isn’t just inefficient, it’s a huge source of mistakes that leads to unacceptable EQA results or even failed rounds.

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Is your laboratory struggling with EQA?

Here are 6 warning signs showing it’s time to make a change:

  • arrow_drop_down 1You’re still using Excel to manage EQA.
    Excel is popular in laboratories as it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and cheap compared to dedicated software. But that doesn’t hold true when you need to manage hundreds of measurands, each with multiple rounds, and every round with numerous steps. Spreadsheets, in this case, bring problems that put your laboratory performance and reliability in grave danger:
    • Spreadsheets don’t provide a visual representation of laboratory’s overall performance: With hundreds to thousands of rows and columns to check through, is time-consuming and frustrating to find any information on the spreadsheet.
    • Spreadsheets are messy: As there’s no standardized way to edit information, each time a person makes a change to the spreadsheet makes it harder to keep up with what’s going on.
  • arrow_drop_down 2 There’s no clear indication of who’s working on what and when.
    Unless everyone takes meticulous notes and follow a rigorous documentation process, there's no way to tell who last updated the information on which round, when that happened, and if any step is missing. Inaccurate or incomplete Excel interaction tracking means that some missed rounds can go unnoticed until the deadline.
  • arrow_drop_down 3 You’re falling short in checking the provider’s feedback promptly.
    Handling feedback on thousands of rounds is a time-consuming effort, not to mention reading through multiple lengthy reports to find out what needs your attention is exhausting. These are, however, the key factors to evaluating your laboratory’s performance and improving patient care. Neglect them for too long and you’ll run out of time to make any corrective actions. If you suffer from the lack of time to review and react to the provider’s feedback, then it’s time to look for a solution.
  • arrow_drop_down 4 Human error is the main cause of your failed rounds.
    Running EQA rounds is a manual process. That means it’s always susceptible to human errors, which cause you to fail the rounds you could have easily passed. As you can see, precision isn’t the traditional workflow’s forte. Following this track will cost your laboratory’s time, money and sabotage your EQA performance in the long run. What’s worse, the traditional workflow gives little to no aid to find the sources of error once they appear, leaving you incapable of avoiding the same mistakes in the future.
  • arrow_drop_down 5 Compiling EQA results for accreditation is painful.
    Gathering all the various EQA reports for accreditation is hard. It’s also time consuming to read through the reports one by one to find and understand the result of each measurand. As anyone that’s ever tried to prepare for accreditation knows, it’s not for the faint of heart. And the more EQA rounds your laboratory has, the harder the prep work becomes.
  • arrow_drop_down 6 It’s challenging to find the best EQA provider for your round.

    The number of EQA providers available is huge, giving you more options but also headaches. As there’s no way to compare the providers regarding material quality, round availability, schedule, and price, it can be daunting to find the best provider for your round.

    Additionally, manually evaluating each EQA provider is a total time sink. That's why many laboratories just select the first provider they find or stick with an existing one as long as it provides the needed rounds — all without giving a second thought to the alternatives. This poses a direct threat to the laboratories’ performance, quality, and patient care.

Tackle your EQA challenges!

See how EQA Manager helps you make the EQA workflow a breeze.

Eddie the Eagle

EQA Manager makes it effortless to manage your EQA.

EQA Manager software service minimizes the manual work and takes human mistake out of the workflow. Less blunders means less deviation management and corrective actions to make, so you have more time to focus on what’s most important – improving your lab performance and quality.

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Get a bird-eye view on your laboratory’s EQA performance

Review your overall EQA performance at a glance and instantly spot rounds that need attention. See all the measurands your laboratory has and the real-time statuses of all rounds on a clean, visual dashboard.

EQA Manager also standardizes the way data is input, making it easy for everyone to stay on the same page.

What’s more, EQA Manager is easy to learn and a breeze to use, so you can get familiar with the tool in no time.


Manage each round with total visibility

Manage each round with total visibility and never let any steps slip through the cracks. Zoom in on each round to ensure that all steps are fulfilled, and entire round is completed. This saves you time and efforts that would otherwise be wasted on redoing the failed rounds.

Quality Managers can assign, organize, and keep track of tasks in one place. Team Leaders can focus on the tasks assigned to them and can work on them independently without disrupting the common data. Every action happening in EQA Manager is automatically tracked for later reference.


Make the move from reactive to proactive EQA

Get notified instantly about failed rounds or poor results. The most alarming issues are surfaced to the top of your activity feed. You’ll never need to scan through long reports to figure out what needs your attention.

But it’s not enough to just uncover the issues — you should make timely corrective actions. EQA Manager helps keep that in check by reminding you to act on time.


Say goodbye to human mistakes

Instead of relying on people to keep things organized, take the potential for human error out of your workflow. EQA Manager automates the manual tasks that eat up your time and are prone to errors, helping you obtain more passed round in less time.

All actions happening in EQA Manager are properly tracked, so you can pinpoint the root cause of every error and learn how to prevent it from happening again. This is more efficient than conducting deviation management afterwards.


Have the right insights at your fingertips

Say goodbye to scattered EQA reports and results. Have them united in a single repository that other team members can access for later purposes — like accreditation.

Find and view all the results of any measurand in one click. No more scanning through many lengthy reports just to gather bits of insights.


Finding the best EQA provider with ease

Sometimes sticking with only one option does more harm than good. EQA Manager broadens your pool of choices with various alternatives that could meet your requirements.

EQA Manager’s dynamic database gives you the most precise and up-to-date information about available providers, so you can choose the optimal one based on criteria that are most important to your laboratory — such as pricing, round schedules, and sample quality.

Tackle your EQA challenges!

See how EQA Manager helps you make the EQA workflow a breeze.

Eddie the Eagle